My dad texted me and asked me to visit the family this weekend for my sister’s bday.

My parents are super last minute people and I don’t do last minute. So I said I can’t do it. So then he said “oh I meant tomorrow, Sunday.” 

I relented and said “ok”. Then he finished with “Can you text Ta and let her know too? Thank you”

TA is the birthday girl. I just agreed to a bday dinner in which I now have to invite the bday girl.  

Young me would’ve been “wtf.” And give my dad a lecture on manipulation. My dad and I used to butt heads all the time. But now I just pick my fights. I understand that they miss us and my parents win the award for needy parents. 


So I called my sis and said “so…dad said we’re to go over for your bday tomorrow?”

“Lol. I am? I guess I am.” (She’s much more easy going than me.)

This is a mini glimpse into the kind of ridiculousness I grew up with. It’s where logic and rationality go to die.

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