So…I’ve finished reading “Gifts Differing” by Isabel Briggs Myers & Peter B. Myers. The people that took Carl Jung’s Psychological Types to create the 16 personality types. And a few other books on MBTI.

My conclusions:

1. The 16 types are not and should not be used as boxes to fit people in. They’re more like nodes, with clusters of similar dots around it. The book specifically stated that it should not be used as boxes.  And it’s HIGHLY DISTURBING to me that no one seems to preface their analysis with this. It’s NOT 16 observable sets of behavior but 16 combinations of cognitive functions. Those functions manifest themselves in distinguishable behaviors. But if you use the behaviors to determine the types, it’s not going to always be accurate. Even the official test is only 60-70% accurate. And for Introverts, the accuracy is even lower.

2. People want easy answers, even if it’s false. My sis sent me a Tumblr site on her “ISFP” to explain to me why she need space. And she seems to be using the analysis as a life guide. Within the first sentence,  I realized the writer hasn’t even read the first few chapters of the book. I was mortified and texted her. She does not seem to care that her life guide might be completely wrong. This hurts my brain. It’s like using a map for Spain to navigate France. How is this helpful?

3. It is extremely difficult to figure out which MBTI personality is the closest to you. The test helps but you need to really put in the effort and be willing to throw out your own preconceived delusions of who you are. That, or have someone who’s willing to spend the time to study and analyze you for a good length of time.

4. The Internet needs to die when it comes to MBTI. Just…stop….spreading incorrect information. *sob*

5. People need be critical readers. Pls?

6. Everyone in my life thinks I’m weird for reading so much on this. I think it’s weird that they’re all struggling emotionally, not knowing what they want to do with their life, and going to therapy to have someone tell them what they’re feeling and who they are. Instead of actually learn the cognitive behavior/mechanics of their mind to truly understand why they’re struggling. You know yourself best. You may be not very self aware or even delusional, but you have all the empirical data to analyze. But I get it, MBTI is just ONE model used to explain the irrationality of being a homo sapien.

7. MBTI needs to be backed up with cognitive science + neuropsychology so people will take it more seriously. But they did not have brain scans back then. So honestly, I think they were brilliant and were onto something here. If my prof had preface the course with “I’m gonna show you a framework to understand human behavior. It’s very abstract but here are the applications.”, I would not have skipped so many of my cognitive science classes. I don’t even know how I passed those courses. I attended 1 week of those classes out of an entire semester.



I enjoy acquiring knowledge that is useful to me. That means knowledge that helps me understand the world around me.  My curiosity can get out of control sometimes. Depends on what the topic is, I will read different types of books. Ever since I was a kid, I always needed to understand the underlying principles of everything. I’m starting to realize that not everyone process information the way I do. And not everyone read the way I do.

B has always called me weird and most ppl call me wasted potential.

Just because I love acquiring knowledge does not mean I should be in school, acquiring a degree. As a matter of fact, school and I have never gotten along. Until they get rid of the grading system and stop forcing me to sell my first born just to get my grubby hands on materials that are already free and available, I don’t plan on giving them another penny. I do miss being surrounded by cerebral creatures though…sigh…I do miss that.

Happiness to me = freedom to pursue whatever shit I happened to be interested in atm. I have a list of things I wanna learn and do in life.  Most of them does not involved people. They’re all very solitary pursuits. Lol. It wasn’t on purpose. I just realized that they are.

But freedom to do those things cost money. So my #1 goal is to make $ and hoard it.

I just want to be happy and at peace with myself. It’s unfortunate that what I want doesn’t match with what society thinks I should want.

My answer to that is usually the *middle finger* and a smile while I’m doing it. Lol.

2 thoughts on “MBTI”

  1. This is my second or third time reading this post and it’s really interesting to me! Mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting these past few years and learned so much about myself but also not at the same time, if that makes sense. At least now you can predict your sisters life and use to to your benefit mwahahaha. Jk (I think).

    It’s always interesting to see things from other peoples perspectives because I would have never thought of processing information that way. It really opens up my mind.
    Will you ever be willing to share this list of “must-do’s” with us? I think you’re doing a great hob with your #1 goal lol
    Speaking of hows your house? Have you decorated everything to your liking?
    Also I panicked momentarily when I saw that I had to do math to post a comment.

  2. LOL. I’m so sorry, the math is part of the security plugin that I installed. I panicked too the first time I tried to reply to your comments.

    If you want to delve into MBTI, I highly recommend Gifts Differing and my True Type by Dr. A.J. Drenth. I find them both to be very helpful in learning what MBTI is all about. I totally understand what you mean about becoming more self aware but realizing it’s only the beginning.

    And thank you! I’m definitely trying hard. lol. I’ve only decorated the bedroom, kitchen, and beauty room. The rest is still work in progressed! B and I have very different taste in decor so it’s a battle and half for us to agree on anything.

    I’ll definitely share my bucket list on the blog with you 🙂

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