We were having hot pot and B asked me if I wanted to tag along on his boys’ trip to Alberta to visit my sister. I obviously said yes. Then he mentioned that his buddy wanted to go to Vegas instead but he wasn’t sure where he wants to go. I had mixed feelings about Vegas but I attempted to help him decide anyway.

“Which one will be easier to make money?”

“Vegas. There’s more fish there.”

“Ok then I guess Vegas wins.”


“Easier to make money, warmer, more things to do. Of course Vegas wins.” 

“Stop. Stop making decisions for me. You always do this.”

“I was just helping you to list out the pros and cons”

“No. It’s like me telling you where you should go with your sisters.” (I fail to see the correlation)

“…Not really…I was just helping you to make the best choice.”

“No. I should be discussing this with N. Not with you.”

“Fine. Whatever. I was just trying to help”

“You don’t help. You tell people what to do.”

B and I are never on the same wave length. Me telling him what to do would be a simple “Fuck Vegas. You’re going to Alberta.” 

I guess I could’ve just said “you decide hun, I’m sure you’ll have a great time in either places.”  

It took me a whole week of analyzing why he got so mad in the first place. He prefers to make his own decision, even if it might be the same as my suggestion. I should come off more as “guiding” than “prescriptive”. Ugh. Men. 

In his eyes, I have absolutely zero understanding of men. I’m inclined to agree with him on this, especially his type of men. 

2 thoughts on “Vegas”

  1. But that’s good you two know the “problem” and honestly I feel like no matter what, communication will never be “perfect” in a relationship but it can be super good! SO has he decided where to go? I wasn’t aware your sister lived in Alberta! So one here and one in Alberta? Will you be tagging along regardless of where they go?

    1. hahaha. You’re right about communication will never be perfect. We’re both working hard at improving it. He hasn’t decided on where to go yet and I’ve been kicked off the group. I’m no longer allowed to tag along. hahaha. But it’s ok, I’ll probably head off somewhere else on my own 🙂 Oh yes, one of my sister is in Alberta and the other one is still here. We miss her but Alberta had better opportunities for her so she’s been there for a while now.

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