Ever since high speed internet became the norm, I stopped watching TV. B’s the only person who still watches TV. He loves his sitcoms.

Anyway, I’ve discovered some really awesome YouTubers that are making helpful, useful, and thought provoking content. Here are a few that I’ve discovered this month and whom I’ve been actively watching.  Below are my fav. video of theirs:

Bryant Chambers: I like ALL of his videos. There isn’t one that I’ve found boring so far. He’s fast becoming my favorite youtuber of all time. I really like how articulate and concise he is. I don’t get bored listening to him. I’ve never really looked up to anyone before and I’m surprise to find myself admiring and looking up to him. I also admire and look up to B but we’re more along the line of squabbling siblings.



Erin Janus: Her videos can get a little too sensational but her content is solid. The use of images and music really do drive the message home but I prefer Bryant’s style more. I think my middle sister might prefer Erin’s videos more than I do. Either way, the content is solid and I really like them.


Kimberly Clark: She’s really funny. Her Anti-haul series is awesome. I think she was the original creator of that concept. This is one of my fav. video of hers.


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