My cell phone battery went from 15% to 5% to 1% and finally to black. I kinda just sat in bed and decided not to recharge it. That decision alone gave me an initial “whew” moment. But then my mind went to all sort of unlikely scenarios of people needing me.

I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to recognize that I have a problem. I had to remind myself that it’s 8pm and no one important is going to contact me.

If it’s a friend – it’s rarely an emergency of any kind. I’m NOT the first person that will come to my friends’ mind if there’s an emergency. I’m not close enough to anyone to be considered an emergency contact. I have 1 best friend and I’m living with him.

If it’s a client – I have operating hours and 8pm is not one of them.

If it’s a family emergency – they have B’s number.

If it’s my sisters’ emotional breakdowns – I need to cut the cord. They’re adults now and need to learn how to process their emotions on their own.

So I’ve decided to turn off my phone in the evening. I’m gonna use B’s phone as my alarm clock or buy an actual clock from now on. We’ll see how long this will last.

2 thoughts on “Breaking up with my phone”

  1. I wish you luck in this endeavor! Have you bought an alarm clock yet? Speaking of alarms how many do you usually set in the morning?
    I tend to give myself about 15-30min window to snooze or get ready to leave the bed.

    1. I have an alarm clock but I haven’t put batteries in it yet. This endeavor is a lot harder than I anticipated! I still have my phone on in the eve BUT I’ve turned off all notifications (except for email) and that seems to have helped me with not checking it as often. Baby steps, baby steps.

      hahaha. I’m the same as you. I set 3-4 alarms on my phone. With the first few being on vibrate and the last one with sound. I need about 30 min to fully wake up and force my butt out of bed.

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