I asked B if it was weird for a 12 years old to spend her whole summer reading and not interacting with friends. I spent one of my summer visiting the library every day. I borrowed books, go home, read them, return the books, rinse and repeat for 2.5 months.

I didn’t talk to anyone much nor did I go outside to do anything else.

“Yes. That is weird.”

“I wonder why my parents didn’t say anything…”

“They probably didn’t notice or prefered you that way.”

“Would yours?”

“My dad wouldn’t notice. My mom would be highly concerned. You’re what the Japanese would call the Lone Wolf”

“Have you been reading my books?”

“No. Japan have more than just 16 personalities. I think it’s more……..”


“Yeah! And they match personalities up for marriage and stuff too”

“So who’s a good match for the Lone Wolf?”

“Oh the Lone Wolf is fucked. There’s only one. And that one is compatible with everyone.”

“Hahahaha” *silently cries inside.* My biggest fear is to grow old and die alone.

Then he pulls up Wikipedia to show me what he was talking about and it was Dragon Quest III.

I thought he was talking about legit Personology from Japan. Nope. He was referring to a video game.

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