Most of my posts these days are going to be more self reflection type of posts.  Random thoughts to be honest. So take what I write with a grain of salt. 

What turns me off: 

1. Stupidity + arrogance. Stupidity on its own, I can forgive because I’ll chock it up to ignorance.  However, what I hate with extreme passion are stupid ppl who thinks they’re “smarter”/”better” than others. And walk around acting like they’re the shit when all I see is an insecure idiot. 

2. Ppl who likes to show off. I also hate ppl who talks for the sake of showing off. Especially the ones who use lots of jargons on people who are not in the field. And they KNOW you don’t understand a word they’re saying. Once again, insecurity + the need to show off. At the expense of my time. 

I get it, you’re trying to show that you’re an expert. Now explain it in simple terms. If you can’t explain things in simple terms, then you DON’T actually know your shit, IMO. When this happens, it’ll usually go from bad to really bad if they touch on a topic that I’ve already explored to death about.

To be fair, I’m also guilty of this when I enter my “geek” mode. But once I recognized the blank stares on ppl’s face, I stop immediately and ask if I’ve just confused them or move to another topic that we can both enjoy.

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