I watched this yesterday and it was…meh…I’m no longer interested in going to the theater. I haven’t seen a movie that I really liked in a REALLY long time. 

Blade Runner was like all old plot lines conglomerate together. It wasn’t horrible. It was just a “been there, seen that, thought about it already” kinda feeling.

I was so bored. I rather stay home, do a Netflix marathon, and eat pizza delivery.

2 thoughts on “Blade Runner”

  1. Honestly I get too lazy to go to the theater sometimes, I rather just wait to watch it on Netflix. The boy had 2 sets of movie coupons to use and every time we plan to see a movie, it just doesn’t happen HAHA BUT a few weeks ago we did go see the new Spider Man movie, I’m so proud of us LOL I even thought about buying popcorn but decided that wasn’t worth selling my kidney 🙂

    1. Yeah, I was thinking with all the streaming we do online, do we really need the theatre or cables anymore? And the pricing doesn’t justify the crappy movies. I don’t think B and I would even go if it wasn’t for this particular friend who loooves movies at the theatre. I shamefully admit that I sell my kidney for the popcorn. Lol.

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