The difference between compassion, empathy, and sympathy.

Compassion: it’s an action word, you try to be there for the person. Try to make them feel better through being a good listener. Help support them emotionally or even physically.

Empathy: You try to look/feel things from theirs perspective. Something not everyone has the capacity for. Some may have to go through the situation first to have empathy for someone else in a similar situation later down the road.

Sympathy: you feel bad for someone’s situation. Pity is probably a form of sympathy.


My task for the upcoming weeks is to practice compassion with B during our fights. I’m not gonna lie, unless you’re a toddler, I struggle with providing compassion to adults on a regular basis.

I’m not the type to kick someone when they’re down, I’m more of the type that listens to you and then hand you solutions. Nothing irritates me more than seeing someone wallowing in their misery and not actively seeking to improve it.

My counselor explained that what B is seeking from me is compassion. He’s not looking for a docile, submissive girl – he’s looking for a compassionate girl.

I can be assertive and compassionate at the same time. We even role played. I just gotta envision B as a 4 yrs old.

I even have the phrases to practice too.

This is exciting. I practically bounced out of his office tonight. For once, I’m not being told to be more softer or more womanly.


We also talked about values and I’m happy to report that B and I share similar values!  I guess that would explain why we’re still together after 9 yrs.


I naturally have sympathy for others. However, compassion and empathy are two things that I definitely struggle with.

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