My high school friend lives in a fancy apartment right in the heart of Vancouver downtown. 

I’ve been in the suburbs for so long now that my dress code is walmart flats, green army jacket, and eyebrows. I didn’t even have lipsticks on.  

Needless to say, I felt extremely out of place walking passed the concierge. We decided to order pizzas but they wouldn’t deliver. Her husband said to call a different location that would deliver. I was a little confused and asked “Is this place good?”

“Yeah, it’s delicious.”

“Where is it?”

“A block away.”

“What?! I’ll go pick it up.” 

“Are you sure?”


So I picked it up. Walking passed the concierge again…feeling awkward and underdressed. As I headed back towards the elevator balancing two huge pizza boxes in my arm, this adorable Italian man passed me in the lobby and looked so surprised. He thought I was delivering pizza.

“Pizza delivery?”

I was a little confused initially myself. I thought he might wanted some pizza. I almost offered.  But then it occurred to me that he thought I was a pizza delivering girl. I laughed and said “oh no, this is for me.”

He started laughing too and wished me a good night. I went upstairs and told my friend about it. 

She said “oh…yeah…people here are really posh. No one picks up their own food. They go out to eat all the time. Or they have it delivered”

“You could’ve told me that.”

“Would you have cared and not pick up the pizza?”

“Guess not. This better be worth all the judgement I’m getting. Lol”


I love spending time with her and her baby. I’m gonna visit her again soon. I’m not sure if I should dress like a hobo for shits and giggles.

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