My period is on its way, and just like clock work, I’m emotional, short fused, and easily irritated. For someone who has no emotional regulation skill, it’s a bit of a ticking time bomb.

I had a moment at work today. I texted B about it. He decided to stay in the mall and waited for 1 hour just to drive me home.

I was so touched. I know he’s already exhausted and still has to work tonight.  But he delayed his work just to drive me home. I’m never letting him go. I know we have a massive entangled history of resentments toward each other. 

But like this meme, we’re trying our best to fix our relationship. 

Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean you “fix” the other person. It means you BOTH fix your own bullshit behaviors to reduce the toxicity in your relationship. 

We’re gonna tie the knott very soon, if all go well, it will be next year. I’ve finally faced my fear of marriage and decided that if I’m gonna commit my whole life to someone, it’s gonna be him.  

It took a lot of self reflection and brutal honesty to recognize that I play the larger role in the breakdown of our relationship. 

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