Oh man…I caught the bug at work and I now have a cold. I hate being sick with a passion because it means I can’t do the things on my list. I hate surprises and this is definitely one of them.

On the topic of surprises, B was gonna buy me a Coach bag at the airport during his recent work trip. He told me his friends told him to just get the bag he picked out. Thankfully, my man remembers how I dislike surprises. So he came home, took me to the actual store, and I picked out my own bag. If he had gotten the one he liked, it would’ve been the wrong one.

I would’ve been fine with whatever he got but I consider it to be super romantic that he remember my quirks.


He’s getting me congee + salted duck eggs right now. Poor thing has no clue where the eggs are and how they look like. I hope he doesn’t struggle too much.

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