Wuzzup peeps. My depression is gone. My depression has greatly improved. It was my mind telling me that I had a problem but I ignored it until it became symptomatic.

What was my problem? I was burnt out from too much socialization, stupid dramas, emotional vampires, not eating, not sleeping properly, not doing things to further my life goals, my messed up family.

I wasn’t doing anything that was helping me to “recharge” my battery either. To make matter worse, I wasn’t living life authentically to my own value system so everything was thrown out of wack even more.


I’m a compulsive problem solver and I learned a lot in the process of getting out my depression. It was HARD WORK to say the least. I didn’t spend a lot of money on therapy but I spent a lot of time on reading (mostly psychology & philosophy) writing, and self analysis. I essentially pulled a Marcus Aurelius.

I’m not knocking therapy, I think it’s very helpful. But it’s expensive and time consuming. Not to mention having to find the right fit. I don’t have time nor money for that stuff.

Unless you’re rich, it’s not a viable option for a lot of people – me included. If you’re a student, take advantage of your school’s counselor! It’s cheap/free and most are not motivated by money.

I still learned a few things from my counselor. But I’ve found reading philosophy to have been immensely helpful to me. It’s a lot faster, cheaper, non judgmental, and higher quality of thoughts and rationality. A lot of philosophers are thinkers (kinda have to be…lol) and thinkers tend to land themselves in depression land pretty regularly.


Though to be fair, I have the temperament of an INTJ. So what I find useful might not work for a lot of people. I read non fiction books like I’m installing softwares into my brain. I don’t memorize. I summarize the concepts and apply them immediately. If they work, I keep it. If they don’t, I uninstall it. That’s how I learn anything.

Tip: It’s the best way to ace most exams. If you understand it, you can synthesize it. There’s no need for rote memorization.

MBTI is not exact science but if we MUST use the Myers-Briggs to categorize me, I fall closest to those combination of traits. And for those who needs everything to be official, I did the official test, paid by work.

At this moment, it doesn’t matter which test I take now, I always get INTJ. Never take the test when you’re under psychosis as you’re unstable as fuck. When I was depressed, I got different results because I didn’t know who I was at the time. I wanted to be a corpse to be honest. I don’t think Carl Jung did psychotherapy on a corpse as part of his Psychological Types study.


And I think there’s some truth to his statement on how living differently than your natural temperament will land you in psychosis. I was trying to be Mother Theresa when my natural temperament is a War General. I made everyone cry. I felt like an awful person. I also expended too much energy for very minimal results which made me felt stupid and lowered my self esteem. I was pissed off at everyone, mostly at myself to be honest.


Anyway, it’s good to be back to my normal self! Yay! Even though “normal me” is considered “odd” and “contradictory” to the general public.

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