How B & I approach Christmas shopping:

Me: I write out a list. Think about the person. Go online and look at items online to get prices. Mull over my decisions a bit. Finalize my list. Go to the shop, buy and go home. I cannot handle the craziness of malls during the holiday season. So stressful. I’d rather give people money and let them decide what they want. To me, it’s a win-win. I understand not everyone thinks like I do so I participate and try to join in the madness. Though to be honest, I’ve never seen anyone who weren’t happy with gift card and a thoughtful Christmas card. I’m pretty decent at writing Christmas card.

B: He has no list and no ideas where to start. He’ll go to the mall, walk around, look at stuff for inspirations, and slowly form his gift ideas. No plans. No plans at all. However, his gift ideas are pretty creative and he’s good at finding deals.

This is the first year that we’re Christmas shopping together. I usually handle this stuff but I’m tired. I felt like it’ll be nice if he joins me and help me out. It was nice because he made jokes along the way, much more creative with his ideas , and did the driving. I kinda let him take over. However, we’re now behind schedule and my plan/list has been thrown out the window. To make things worse, we only got 1.5 present for 7 people. My Saturday is gonna be spent running around the mall again.

I’m a little irritated, but hey, it was my bright idea to invite him along. It was definitely a learning experience.


2 thoughts on “Difference #1”

  1. Hahaha. I guess you’re right, driving during this time is a test on my sanity in itself. I love honest and direct people too!

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