It’s gotten to a point where I can’t justify buying another book on Amazon without getting stressed over paying my living expenses.

I remembered that B & I are doing gifts exchange this year so I tentatively asked him:

“Are you…getting me Christmas presents this year?”

“Yes. I’m getting you clothes.”

“Could you…put that into my book fund?”

“No. I’m tired of looking at your Visa and keep seeing Amazon charges. You need clothes more. Stop buying books.”


There are 3 books that I want to read sooo badly. Their combined prices is $300 (whyyyyy? *sob*). Time to sell my makeup in exchange for books I guess.

2 thoughts on “Book fund”

  1. Helloooooo!!! OMG 300$ for 3 books?!!!? Are you buying text books? lol I love how there was no compromise hahaha “books?” “NO. Clothes” “Books please?” “Clothes”
    I know how you feel cause stationary is for me books are to you. (Did that make sense?)
    I’ve up to date on your blog! I’m glad you’re feeling better and I enjoyed reading your funny posts. Seriously you have a great sense of humor! I hope you’re having a wonderful new year and I wish you only the very best in 2018!!!

  2. Hahahaha. I don’t even know why they’re so expensive! I totally understand your stationary dilemma. I go gaga over pretty stationary too. Thank you for thinking I’m funny! Lol. And thanks so much for the well wishes! I hope you’re having an awesome 2018 so far. Take care and I’ll see u in a few months!

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