Our flight was at 8:55am flying with Viva Aerobus. Because we grew up with crazy Asian parents, we showed up and checked in 3h early.

We also went to Abbotsford airport so there was nothing to do. We sat at the one and only cafe drinking not so great coffee and eating not so great cold food.


The flight was on time. Our pilot was wild. He barely drove the runway and took off really fast. It was very windy and he climbed the altitude asap. It felt a bit like climbing the rollercoaster for a good 2-3 min.



Flight attendants were friendly but seems to lack common sense (yoully see what I mean in a bit). First drinks and snacks were free. Then you pay for extra after. The price wasn’t too stupidly expensive but B & I were cheap so we didn’t buy anything.

Trying to sleep on the flight was extremely difficult. I also had horrible allergy. The lady beside me finally had enough and gave me allergy medication and a Ricola.

Then we had to fill out immigration cards. No writing instrument was provided. The flight attendants also didn’t lend me a pen. Kinda shrugged his shoulders when I asked “but how can I fill this out without a pen?” I wasn’t the only poor soul without a pen. I borrowed it from my neighbour. So… Bring a pen. Or better yet, bring 10 and share. You’ll be very popular.



Puerto Vallarta’s airport was pretty efficient. The arrival area was small and the line up was insane to get through Customs. The lady behind us kept whining even though the line was moving really fast. B & I were so annoyed. We didn’t know each of us wanted to throttle her till we got to the hotel and talked about it.


Bus ride to resort:

Sunwing provides transportation from airport to resort. We had warnings to ignore everyone and look for a Sunwing representative (orange t-shirt). Our guide/welcome man was pretty funny throughout the bus ride. He informed us that the orange shirt staff makes money through excursion commissions. We haven’t decided on whether we’re gonna do excursions yet (we’re on a budget).



We stayed at Plaza Pelicanos Club Beach Resort – All inclusive.

Food: all you can eat buffet was pretty awesome. It’s not fancy or anything but the food is yummy. I’ve pigged out so much that B had to stop me. The cappuccino was delicious.

Space: it’s spacious. Not too crowded. Lots of old people. A few rowdy bunch but no one too obnoxious.

Staff: Friendly. Chill. Helpful.

So far so good. Can’t write too much cause I have a little boy to attend to. He can’t sit on his own for 10 min without getting antsy.

2 thoughts on “Mexico: Day 1”

  1. Just reading about your pilot is making me sweat. YES ALWAYS BRING PENS. I usually don’t carry one in my bag but I will when I travel. No I do not want to borrow the flight attendants pen and then have to hunt them down to give it back to them (because yes I am a good girl and not a pen theif). Also because I’m paranoid I rather have all my forms filled out prior to landing.

    When the lady was whining were you and B quite quiet? Whenever the boy and I are quiet during a meal at a resto or something you can bet we’re eavesdropping on the convo beside us HAHA

    I just Googled your resort and hnnnnnng that sand, that sun, that pool! Did you stay on the beach more or pool more?

    1. hahaha, I’m always gonna bring a pen now. I don’t travel often so I’m still a noob on how to prep/pack for flights. We were quiet listening to the lady whine. B is not a confrontational guy at all. I was by the beach the more. I love the smell of the ocean. The waves there were really strong though. I got knocked down a few times and scraped myself on the sand.

      This side of Mexico isn’t as nice as the Caribbean side (Cancun side) from what I heard!

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