We didn’t do anything as planned. Because B didn’t wanna go into water, I decided to venture out into the city instead. We got pulled into a timeshare offer in the hotel lobby.

B was so funny, he heard “free $75 massage coupon” for 90 min of presentation and his eyes lit up. He didn’t realized it was timeshare. I had to butt in and said “we’ll think about it”. He then gave the lady 40 pesos as a tip. She did help us figure out how walk to the Malecon so I wasn’t too peeved. She was very sweet and not too pushy. The people here aren’t pushy at all, even when they try to sell you things.

We walked from the hotel to the Malecon, a much more fun version of the seawall. We got ice-cream along the way. The sour-sop was delicious. We were initially very scared until we saw old white ppl riding bikes passing us. Then we were like, “they look fine, I guess it’s safe”. It was very safe. We checked out a few farmacies along the way. Prices were jacked up but not super ridiculous.

We then realized that we were on a resorts strip. We passed a bunch of other fancy resorts and there were lots of tourists around.

I wore flip-flops and my feet died. B was in a lot of pain too. We were so exhausted by the time we reached the first portion of the Malecon that we had to head back soon after. We also learned that we got ripped off buying bracelets at the resort the night before. The bracelets on the streets were only 10 pesos and we paid 35 at the resort.

We also discovered a Walmart-like supermarket. It was awesome. B bought a yogurt drink. It tasted way better than what we have here in Canada. This is where you should get your toiletries or sunscreen if you forgot to pack them. The prices were very reasonable, if not cheaper than in Canada for some items. There were so many options for everything. B had to stop me from pigging out at the bakery section.

Nothing too crazy happened on this day other than our feet dying. I had my first Taco outside of the resort. People were right, food outside the resort taste waaay better. And the resort’s food was already pretty good to start off with!

We went back to the hotel exhausted. I had to do some introvert recharge and B got pouty again.

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