B & I went to Mexico for 6 days. We spent 2 days fighting. I’ve learned that:

1) I like to have activities planned. I don’t mean for every hour but having an idea of what we’re doing for the day is preferred. B does not care to have anything plan and just figure things out as we go. Either style is fine. But in the future, we need to establish who’s in charge for the day. If not, I’ll naturally take charge and my idea of impromptu fun, is not his idea of fun.

2) He cannot sit still for more than 5 min.

3) I got some serious communication issue with B.


Other than that, we had a blast in Mexico! We were in the very touristy place so everything was “pricey” and jacked up. It cost 20 pesos for a Taco ????. Which translate to approx. $1.5 Cad. It’s still cheap for us but I’m sure if I went into the regular part of town, the Tacos would’ve been much cheaper.


We got ripped off by one taxi driver. So before you hop on, ask for price first. It should be approx. 50 pesos. And make sure you have exact change. This guy didn’t give us change. The one taxi driver that was called by our hotel valet was nice. He didn’t rip us off. I think he’s a regular for the hotel so he doesn’t need to? Who knows.


The bus cost 7.5 pesos. That’s approx. 50 cents. If you don’t have change, that’s fine, the drivers have change. But B was just ballin’ and donated 4 pesos. It’s pretty wild riding the bus. The roads aren’t smooth so you get jostle quite a bit. The back door doesn’t close right away. And people sometimes just hop off while the bus is still in slow motion. B and I were freaking out and laughing the whole time. We’re easily amused. We’d take the bus more often but we didn’t know which bus goes where. The one time we took it, we just followed the Caucasian tourists and hoped for the best.


Not a lot of people tip. But it’s asked for at the end of all services (tour guides, tour bus, excursions). At the hotel, we didn’t see a lot of people tipping. We don’t mind tipping. These people work hard. They hustle and were nice and funny. They put customer service here to shame. We tipped every time someone brings us drinks, clean our room, mix us drinks, give us towels, grab our luggages, excursions staff. We gave 20 pesos on average but a few times we ran out and gave less than that, it was still fine. Maybe we’ll downgrade to 10 pesos next time? We were on a budget.


The alcohol was strong. You can really taste it in the cocktails ????. The mojito was really good. B drank too much too fast and spent 4h vomiting. It was unusual and concerning. Thankfully, he was ok. He might’ve had a slight food poisoning as well.


Food at the outside restaurants were hands down, waaay better than at the resort. If in doubt, go for the beef at the resort’s buffet. The beef stews were always delicious. Guacamole is like…ketchup or something in Mexico. It came with everything. Surprisingly, B didn’t mind it. I slapped salsa, hot sauce, and pickled jalapenos on everything. I was burning a hole in my stomach but I couldn’t stop. The cappuccino was amazing. The yogurt drinks were so good. Dessert, pastries, tacos, tostadas, quesadillas, pizzas… I gained so much weight in 1 week. B had reign my piggyness back in.

Supermarket/Walmart-like stores:

To prevent getting totally ripped off, these are probably the best places to go to. Avoid the small shops unless you wanna get gouged. I got a cute pushup bra on clearance for $8 Cad. We got snacks as souvenir and a bottle of fancy tequila, all for $32 Cad. I also got water shoes for $6. They were like $15 Cad at the small shops outside.


We booked the “Outdoor Adventure” with Vallarta Adventures. I think it’s the main company that does excursions in Mexico. You can book it with various agents. Because we booked our all inclusive trip with Sunwing, we also booked the excursion with a Sunwing representative (orange shirt guys). They told us to come down for an orientation and get our return bus time to the airport. It wasn’t an orientation nor did he gave us our return bus time (I had to remind him for it). All he did was gave us a sale pitch on the excursions. They make their living from the commissions so that make sense. I also learned that B is a people pleaser. “Yes” is his favorite word. He felt bad for the rep and booked us for the Outdoor Adventure impulsively. It’s rated #1 on trip advisor. It’s literally Jungle Gym in an actual Jungle. It was very safe but for a bookworm like me, there were. .. a lot of pee-my-pants moments. We both really enjoyed it though. And got some hilarious photos as memories. Not to mention the price was really good for something like this.

The weather:

Amazing. I need sun in my life. I’m gonna retire in a cheap, sunny place.


I’ll have a day-by-day summary of the trip posted after this.

2 thoughts on “Mexico: Puerto Vallarta”

  1. Omg I had a blast reading this!!!!
    I’m so glad you had so much fun despite for the little hiccups along the way. I feel like no travel is without that. My man also does not plan out his travel days! How does he live like that?! I’m sweating bullets just thinking about it! What we do is I will plan a daily itinerary and he is in charge of directions. I 110% relied so heavily on him to navigate that I wish I paid more attention when we were in Japan because I’m going back with my sister and I now have to navigate! *cries*
    I’m super happy to hear the food is good because I hear mixed reviews about that regarding resorts (which I’ve never tried before!).
    I’m so happy that you got to enjoy some sunshine this winter! I’m also super glad the weather has been warming up and no more snow! *crosses fingers and toes*

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I was thinking – a perfect job for me would be to travel, write about it, and get paid for it. LOL.

      I’m really bad at navigation too! Your travel plan is a great idea. I’m gonna have to steal this from you for next time. I plan the itinerary and he takes over when we get there.

      I heard mixed reviews about the resort food too. I was really glad that the food was good. Though, the outside food were like 10x tastier.

      I’m really happy for the warm weather we’re getting too. It’s so much nicer to see sunshine regularly!

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