WTF Lines

I don’t have wrinkles anywhere other than the 2 lines between my brows. They’re deep and permanent. I’ve considered Botox a few times.

I call them my thinking lines. I do say “wtf” a lot. I’m kind of amused that there’s a meme for it and I’m glad I’m not the only one with permanent “wtf” wrinkles.


  1. Samantha

    Seriously the “wtf” lines are the first ones that seem to appear among my friends! Not that I notice them but they all say they have it! Personally I’m starting to get crows feet and those laugh lines? I blame the boy for making me laugh so much and sometimes when I laugh too hard I will suddenly remember my lines and immediately stop laughing LOL But lbr life is too short not to laugh!

    1. Post

      Life’s definitely too short to not laugh. Lol. I heard it’s healthy to laugh as much as you can. Your bf must have a great sense of humour! I think life’s also too short for me to keep scowling so I try to not be so serious all the time.

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