For some strange reason, my hair is getting a lot of compliments at work lately. I’m super flattered. I’ve always hated my flat, straight Asian hair. I still do. However, I’ve accidentally discovered a routine that make it volumized and shiny-ish looking.

Many of you are gonna freak out. I use shampoo only. Specifically, Dove shampoo. It has to be Dove shampoo.

I also don’t lather too much. I just focus mostly on my oily scalp and rinse.

Then I use a volumizing cream wax in the morning (tiny amount), lightly fluff it up, while smoothing out the frizz. It seems to be working amazingly.

I don’t really know what kind of damage I’m doing to my hair with the new method but I love how much time I’m saving. I’m shocked that it’s getting so much attention all of a sudden.


It all started with me being lazy and hating how conditioners take forever to wash off. I also started to get back acne from it so I just stopped using conditioners.


When I tell people what I do, they look at me like I’ve gone off the deep end.

Obviously, this method works for my type of hair. If you have fine hair, I wouldn’t recommend it. B can never get away with not using conditioners.

But if you have oily, Asian hair, you might wanna give this a shot.

Here’s a really shitty photo of our hair in comparison:


The two wax that I’m loving right now are:

1) Bumble and Bumble thickening cream contour:

2) Lucido-l “Natural” hair wax (level 2 hardness) :

My favorite is actually Lucido. It’s less heavy, gives me more volume, and looks more natural. I’m also pretty stoked that it’s cheaper and cuter looking.


2 thoughts on “Current hair routine”

  1. Thanks for the tip!!! I will definitely see if I can pick that up when I’m in Japan next month! I cirrently condition my hair, mostly because it’s so long and the ends are granny age…..I also find using conditioner helps me wash out more dandruff (tmi? LOL). Sometimes when I feel like its dry I use some coconut hair oil. I would love to be able to only shampoo my hair! Maybe I should give it a try hehe

    1. Np! Lucido-l repackaged their stuff so everything is super cute looking. I can only do this method with Dove shampoo. Any other shampoo and my hair looks disastrous without conditioner. Lol.

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