Menya is some of the last yummy and good value Japanese Ramen joint that seem to be surviving in Vancouver. I also love how it also has an extensive and varied menu. You can create a healthy meal here without breaking the bank.

B & I have been visiting the place a lot whenever we visit Vancouver. The service is always quick and efficient. The food is yum. And the ambience is chill and family friendly. B hates going to a crowded place where everyone looks at everyone.

Tangent: It’s a little sad. He’s so good looking but gives zero fucks on his physical appearance. I love how he’s not shallow and down to earth but SOMETIMES, I wouldn’t mind showing him off. Oh well, I can’t have the best of both worlds.

I hope the place gets lots of business so that we can continue to have cheap, yummy, home cooked Japanese food!

2 thoughts on “Menya”

  1. I’ll be honest, for a second I thought your tangent was still about the ramen and I scrolled up to look at the bowls of ramen thinking “I guess that’s attractive” LOL
    I haven’t tried this place but I’ve passed it plenty of times! I agree that ramen prices are rising and I have placed pho as my no.1 cheap eats for noodles.

    1. LMAO!! You’re so funny! I can see how you thought it was still about ramen. I should’ve placed the tangent at the end of the post.

      You should totally check this place out. The price is very similar to pho (also my No.1 cheap eats)!

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