I’ve had enough with paying through the roof for my phone bill. And my old Samsung Note 3 camera died on me.

I decided to look at Freedom Mobile. The key things for me were large screen + good camera. But I also didn’t wanna pay a large tab for the phone. The Sony Xperia Ultra Xa1 was a no brainer.

My verdict: I love it. I’m now a Sony convert.


1) It’s fast.

2) The picture quality is SO GOOD. I used the phone to take photos in Mexico and family members have consistently complimented on the quality.

3) The screen is massive. It’s not a one hand use phone but resolution is sharp and beautiful.

4) pretty intuitive to use.

5) Comes with all features of an android.

6) Comes with preinstalled free version of AVG.

7) It’s essentially a fucking mini computer on the go.



1) Cute cases and accessories are limited.

2) A bit slow to start/load compare to iPhone and Samsung.

3) The backlight is really bright. Even at its lowest setting. I had to install a screen filter to save my eyeballs at night.

4) It sometimes lag and gets buggy if I got too many things running at once. But… I have ADD and my brain has 30 tabs and shit running on steroid. My poor computer has to inevitably suffers a little.


So…yah…its gonna be Sony phones from now on for me!

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