B and I got hungry late at night. He was busy working and I am too Chicken-shit to go to my local 7-11 at 1am. So I put this dish together and it was so yummy! This is gonna be a staple quick snack from now on.

It’s actually really delicious and easy to make.



Mentsuyu (Japanese soup base)

Sesame oil

Green onions

Toppings of choice: eggs, boiled veggies, nori… Etc.


1. Boil 1 Soba bundle.

2. Add 1.5-2 tbsp of Mentsuyu (Japanese soup base) to cooked soba. I used Namiko’s recipe for my home made version.

3. Add a teaspoon of Sesame oil and green onions.

4. Toss Soba and mix everything.

5. Add your toppings of choice!

I recommend: Egg, and boiled green leaves as basic toppings.

Fancy stuff: Roasted seaweed, Masago/Ikura, fried onions… Etc.

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