This is my Holy Grail for acne treatment and prevention. I bought this due to sales pressure from a Lush employee. I had no intention of buying it but my shopping monster was in charge that day.

Anyway, fast forward 5 yrs later and it’s my Holy Grail for dealing with acne. For the tiny ones, it gets rid of them over night. For the larger ones, it reduces the bumps significantly in one night, and make them disappear in 3 nights.

If you’re overzealous, you can reapply multiple times in a day and it’ll work its magic too.

I also mix it with my moisturizer during my “period” times as a prevention. I mix it with almost everything when I’m being super paranoid.

One bottle lasts me for half a year or more. You don’t need much if you’re using it mostly as a spot treatment. And it costs around $12-13.


This has prevented massive eruptions and pitted scars on my face due to hormonal breakouts. I wished I discovered it before as I have some old pitted scars on my cheeks now.


The main ingredient is thyme extract. And I read somewhere that it’s more powerful at killing acne bacteria than benzoyl peroxide. That would explains everything. BP worked but my skin has became way too sensitive for it now.

I plan on seeing if I can make my own Thyme extract. But the product is so cheap that the incentive is kinda low.


P.S Why am I using stock photos instead of taking my own pictures for my product reviews? Because I’m lazy. I get random inspiration to write while lying in bed. The last thing I wanna do is get out of bed and stage a photo production for a beauty product. At the end of the day, it’s the information that’s important, not the photos, right?

2 thoughts on “Review: Lush Grease Lightning”

  1. Does this really help with period pimples?!?!?!? I NEED IT! So far I no longer get random pimples but nothing stops my hormonal ones. Nothing. But I can’t give up, I’ll need to give this a try.Thanks for the review!

    1. Np! It works amazingly well for me. Grab a sample from Lush? They’re really accommodating about it. Let me know how it works out for you if you do give this a try!

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