I was browsing the organic section of the grocery store while B was off grabbing popsicles. He does the actual groceries. I just look for ways to blow money uselessly.

Some man excused himself behind me to grab a bag of cocoa powder. I said, “oh sorry!” and moved out of the way.

Next thing I knew, he continues to joke about my height and asks if I ever run into the problem of having to grab stuff from the high shelf.

I wasn’t sure if he was flirting with me until I realized he wasn’t going anywhere and kept talking to me about my height for a good 2-3 min.

I panicked and ran off saying “have a good night!”. I was really surprised. I haven’t been hit on for a really long time.


I relayed the story to B and he was like “Are you flattered?”

“No… Surprisingly, I panicked. I was not smooth. He was not smooth. It was awkward. It’s nothing like in the movies.”

“It’s never smooth in real life. Groceries store are for divorces looking for single moms. Most ppl go to bars. ”

“Really? Then I wouldn’t mind getting picked up at a grocery store instead. At least I know the guy can cook.”


So yeah, who knew grocery stores are also game for meeting new people.


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