For someone who claims to be a Bookworm, I rarely write any book reviews huh?

I don’t feel comfortable nor qualified to “review” or judge anyone’s hard work. And in this case, I’m just fan girling right now. I can’t write a coherent paragraph on why I love this book so much.

Anyway, Ryan Holiday’s “Ego is the Enemy” has made it to my list of favourite books. It was like having a proper adult/mentor giving me really valuable life lessons on how not to let ego detonate my life, as it has, several times. Too many times to be honest.

I’d like to not-so-subtly drop a copy or two into a few narcissists’ laps in my life as well. But I don’t think they’ll appreciate the hint.

Ryan Holiday might also become one of my favourite writers. I’m really excited read The Daily Stoic next!

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