I ran out of my holy grail KVD Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner. Instead of buying a replacement, I bought something new, Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner (in deep black).

This is my first Japanese liquid eyeliner. I also decided to try the volumizing mascara as well.

** Pls excuse the shitty picture of my eyes above. I didn’t plan on reviewing the products so I only had one selfie of me wearing the products.


Eyeliner verdict: Not too shabby. Overall, I like it. I love the cute packaging. If I can combine the packaging of DW and the quality of KVD, I’d be in eyeliner heaven.

Pros: The brush and longevity is of the same quality.

Cons: The ink isn’t as black and doesn’t dispense as smoothly as the KVD. To fix this, I just go over the initial line to increase the darkness and dispense more ink.

Repurchase? Yes.


Mascara verdict: The formula is pretty wet.

Pros: It kept my curl and did not smudge. I’ve yet to use a Japanese mascara that does smudge though. They got the no smudge secret down (when will Western mascara a catch up?!). I also love how dark it made my lashes look.

Cons: It was hard to layer without it looking like a hot mess. It seems to separate more than volumize.

Repurchase? No. This mascara did not volumize as promised.

2 thoughts on “Review: Dolly Wink Eyeliner & Mascara”

  1. Omg that mascara is my holy grail HAHAHA Because it does keep my curl but you’re right about the lack of volume. I’ve been using this for so many years and haven’t tried anything new. I did try a Maybelline mascara once and it was so terrible I had to throw it away after 1 try 🙁
    I also really love Dior’s mascara but it smudges like crazy if I don’t have my lashes permed which I don’t anymore……I no long make the time for these beauty rituals lol I still get waxed though and have my roots done though!

    1. LMAO. I’m so sorry I knocked your holy grail. Just goes to show beauty preferences are very varies between each person! I’m currently using this as a base, apply a western volumizing mascara, and apply it again as a top coat for smudge proof. All western mascaras smudge on me now for some reason.

      I know what u mean about beauty rituals. My makeup takes 10min tops now. I can’t believe I used to spend 2h applying makeup everyday.

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