B’s parents came by to visit us today. His mom wanted to visit a garden center so we went to Potter’s and Port Kell’s Nursery. I love the Port Kell one. It’s such a cute place.

His mom knows a lot about gardening and plants and bought me a mini flower pot for my workstation. She was also gonna get me an air plant but I decided to stick to one plant. Here’s to hoping this one survive. We chose an indoor one that require very little water.

My coworker who sits beside me is also a gardener so I’ll have someone to help me out if the plant starts dying.


Then we went back home and had yakiniku. It’s so much cheaper to eat at home. She praised my dipping sauce. Whew! I was worried about my cooking cause she is Japanese. AND her cooking is pretty top notch.

Then I tried to set up a cell phone for her but it was a bit too complicated for her. I wanna live in Japan with her. Is that a possibility? I better start learning Japanese asap if I do.


Random: I’m loving the Meitu picture app soo freakin’ much.

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