B and I had a family dinner at Sun Sui Wah. I got the time wrong and we were 30 min early.

B wanted to visit a coffee shop and was gonna drive there. Here’s where our differences become glaringly obvious.

Him: Let’s drive there.

Me: Why don’t we walk? We’re on Main St. It’s full of coffee shops.

Him: Nah. Let’s go somewhere else.

Me: Ok. Where?

Him: I don’t know.

Me: I’d rather you figure out where we’re going first before getting in the car. It’s already a bitch driving in this city much less not knowing where we’re going. I don’t want to waste gas. Where do you wanna go? Tim Ho? Is there one nearby? I’m not going to Terminal. It’s rush hour right now.

Him: Ok. Let’s just go around here. I think there’s a coffee shop near by.

Me: *silently rolls my eyes in my head. This is hipster town. Of course there’s one nearby.* Pulls out my android and 3-4 coffee shops popped up within our area.


This, was one of the rare occasions where I win the battle of “wtf moments” between us.


As we walked to the coffee shop, B stated “You used to be a hipster”.

Me: Yeah. I know. It’s because of you that I’m no longer one.

Though with that said, he fits perfectly right into the ambience and decor of the shop that we chose. Leather jacket, long hair, bad boy rebelious looking.

I started laughing when I saw the decor of the shop. Because in all honesty, I dressed him. I bought him the jacket because I knew it’d look good on him. I hipster-fied him.


While drinking overpriced tea and coffee, B was so baffled at the environment.

Him: Why don’t ppl just stay home? It’s not like they’re talking to each other here. It’s like a bunch of lonely introverts who don’t wanna stay home.

Me: That’s exactly it. It’s introverts unite. I focus better at a coffee shop. I always have. Constant stream of caffeine, food brought to me, ppl around for me to suck in their energy but I don’t have to talk to them.

Him: This is so weird.

Me: lol. How much do you wanna bet most of these ppl aren’t even working? They’re probably on Facebook or something. But I prefer to do my work out here than at home. It’s so boring at home.

Him: I need complete silence when I study.

Me: I don’t, I need background noise.


2 thoughts on “Differences #2”

  1. I’m on B’s side with this one, I also need dead silence when I study! I also prefer silence when I sleep but I sometimes don’t mind certain background noise. But any buzzing or slight rattling noises will annoy the heck out of me. Sometimes it even bugs me when my sister moves in her sleep LOL
    I knew a girl in school that needed to listen to house music though and I’m with you about the constant stream of caffeine. I didn’t care too much about coffee in my school days but now I love it!

    BUT I’m on your side about the “where to go” deal, what do you mean “you dunno!!!!”. Although I’ll be honest that sometimes I can be empty headed about food. When that happens I try to go with whatever is cheapest, usually pho…..makes me want a nice hot bowl of pho now!

    1. If it’s too quiet, my brain starts to wander and I can’t focus! I’ve also conditioned myself to work at coffee shops. I’m gonna try to recreate the ambience at home but it’s just not tge same sometimes. It’s awesome that you love pho. I can eat pho everyday of my life. Lol.

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