This cost me $10. The spreading of the balm was fine and it did melt my makeup. But once I applied water to wash it off, it became a layer of slippery gel that wouldn’t wash off.

I’d keep splashing and rubbing my face but damn shit wouldn’t come off. I gave up and used a facial sponge to wipe it off, along with water. I tried it twice so far and the same thing happened whether I used a lot or a little bit of the balm.

My face didn’t feel tight so that was good. There was fragrance but it was light and not irritating. I didn’t mind it.

Overall, meh, I will not buy this again. Another impulse buy that failed. *sob*

2 thoughts on “Review: Miniso Sakura Water Bright Cleansing Balm”

  1. I’m sorry that I’m going to say this but that sounds HORRID!!!! Like all that makeup and stuff on your face but not coming off?! That’s what nightmares are made of! And people look at me weird when I tell them I use olive oil…..that shit comes off okay LOL

    1. I haven’t touched it since the review! It was pretty frustrating. I use Jojoba oil as my staple for everything. Yay for oils right!?! I love to be able to use olive oil. I’m allergic to coconut and olive oil. *sadness*

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