I spent a whole day grocery shopping, cooking, and prepping food for the up coming week. I finished and sat down to rest at the end of the night.

I made a mistake and sat down beside B. He was playing poker. He would not stop talking, calling me over, wanting my attention every 5 seconds.

I ignored him, told him “no”, “leave me alone”…etc. And yet, the dude behaved like he was deaf and dumb. It got to the point where I exploded and told him to shut up. He pouted and called me weird (what else is new?). But I was shooting fires from my eyes and was losing it. I got so fucking pissed. I’m still pissed thinking about it because how inconsiderate was he?!

He finally shut up and it was blissfully silent after that.


NOTHING pisses me off more than inconsiderate ppl who can’t recognize that I want to be left alone. It’s usually good enough reason for me to end the relationship. Why? Because it’s selfish. Time is a precious commodity to me. That and health. No one is entitled to my time without me deciding to give it.

If you demand/ask for it without my consent and/or for good reason, or because you are bored/a fucking drama queen, you’re fucking asshole and you need to go kill yourself.

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