I’ve decided to delete my previous posts because…I felt like it. Plus I didn’t actually enjoy reading any of my previous posts. They were too…”serious”.

I realized that I’m not really a “content producer” but more of a “writer”.  It’s been 33 years of people telling me that I’m a good writer so I’m just gonna go ahead and believe them.  I’ve had multiple people at work telling me that I “have a way with words” so I’m gonna put aside my fears and do what I thoroughly enjoy. WRITE RANDOM SHIT THAT POPS INTO MY HEAD.

As an immigrant, I’ve never felt comfortable enough to think that I can be a decent writer. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with having a really hard and mean grade 6 teacher. He was the pits to be honest. And the fact that I never grammar check my work – makes people “assume” certain things.

News flash: Just because you’re a “grammar police” does not make you:

A) Good at English
B) Better than other people
C) A decent communicator. Ever read legal documents? They’re full of jargon and grammatically correct, but does ANY OF US understand that shit? nope.
D) A good writer


Anyway, that’s that! From now on, my blog is gonna be more journal like. I might post a picture or two but my phone’s camera is busted so…eh.